Moroccan Poufs!!

Moroccan Leather Poufs!!


I am so in love with moroccan leather poufs! They come in just about any color you can think of, different sizes and can be used in any room. These poufs are handcrafted, made from genuine leather and are made by artisans in Morocco. They are great because they can be used as footstools, extra seating or just used as decor. My personal favorite are the white, gold and baby pink colored ones! These adorable poufs can get pricey though, averaging at about $350 or more. There are some great stores in the Vancouver area that sells these cute poufs like The Cross Decor and Design. Or another popular store Tazi Designs that is located in San Francisco make custom poufs and can be ordered online.

I hope you are just as in love with moroccan leather poufs as I am! Now the hardest part is choose what color to get! Here are some poufs and some inspiration on where and how to use them!

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– Nicole

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