IMG_0492Sequins in Bed is a blog focusing on Fashion and Interior Design created by Stephanie and Nicole. Stephanie has her Diploma in Fashion Merchandising from Blanche Macdonald and is a Visual Merchandiser Manager and Nicole is finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Why interior design and fashion? Both Stephanie and Nicole believe that your wardrobe and your home reflect your personality. Over the past few years fashion design and interior design have been colliding. New trends in interior design usually come from what is happening on fashion runways and lately fashion designers have been borrowing trends in decor. From colours to different patterns, it is hard to disagree. So no wonder Stephanie and Nicole both have an interest in both fields!

Stephanie and Nicole’s goal is to express and inspire their passions for fashion, interior design and lifestyle to their readers.

IMG_0595For as long as I can remember I have had a creative mind. Ever since I was young I loved colouring, doing crafts, watching Trading Spaces with my mom and designing forts with my brother in our basement. I love everything about design, graphic, fashion and event design. But I have always had a heart for interior design. I should have realized this earlier in life when I was in Grade 10 and my friend and I decided we would become hairdressers and start our own business. Right after that I came up with a floor plan for our salon. It took me a couple years after graduating from high school and having a couple jobs to realize I wanted to design spaces for a living. I am so thankful that I’ve had a supportive family, boyfriend and friends that support me through my journey on becoming an Interior Designer.

Besides interior design I am an easy going girl who loves to enjoy a no-water, half sweetened chai tea latte in the morning! Which always tastes better on a rainy Vancouver day. I love spending my time with my friends and family! Being active and healthy is important to me and you can find me doing yoga, walking at the beach or climbing the Grouse Grind or the Squamish Chief when I am not consumed by work. I have recently taken an interest in graphic and event design, designing wedding invitations and hosting a bridal shower. And also my life long passion of fashion, shopping is literally one of my favourite things to do! I love wearing that perfect outfit and believe that it can turn any mood into a good mood!


IMG_0464Up until the middle of High School I was so sure that I wanted to be a Teacher. I don’t remember why I changed my mind but I completely shifted gears – I wanted to become a Fashion Designer. I took sewing at school and tackled projects like PJS, dresses & tops but when it came time to make a jacket I couldn’t do it. I even looked into post-secondary education in Fashion Design but decided it wasn’t for me. Not to mention I can barely draw a stick person. After taking a year off I registered for the Fashion Merchandising program at Blanche Macdonald. Halfway through the program I got a part-time job as a sales associate at a new location opening up for a Globally known fast-fashion retailer. After hearing about the opportunities to move up in the company I knew immediately I wanted to become a Visual Merchandiser. Within 2 years I worked my way up to the position as a Visual Merchandiser Manager and have been in that role for the past 2 & a half years!

Over the past few years my love for fashion has continued to grow and my style has evolved as well. I really enjoy putting outfits together and browsing Pinterest, Instagram & a variety of blogs when I’m in need of a little inspiration. Fashion is definitely my first love; I’m surrounded by it daily at work but I also enjoy aspects of Interior Design.  Last year my fiancé and I bought our first place and I’ve had SO much fun picking colour schemes & finding the perfect pieces to pull together each room! I try my best to maintain an active lifestyle, whether it’s working out at the gym or going outdoors – I’m determined to beat my time at the Grouse Grind! Currently I’m planning our wedding and am very excited to bring my eye for fashion together with decor ideas for our big day! Oh, and I’m obsessed with cupcakes – baking them & anything with a cupcake on it.

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